Happy Valentine Week 2020: 7 Tech Gifts for Your Beloved

Valentine’s Day is almost here and people have started looking out for the best declaration of love possible to surprise their partners.

When it comes to choosing gifts for people, it may be a tad bit difficult. But there is no denying that people love their gadgets (sometimes obsessively so) and what can be better than to fan that affection while stealing your way into their hearts by gifting them a cool gadget on Valentine’s Day 2020.


If your partner is using a phone for long, then you should surprise him by gifting him a new one. Some of the newly released smartphones offer a host of facilities, including more cameras to capture those candid moments.


Not really a necessity but something that can be a decadent addition is to gift your boyfriend a stylus for his smartphone. The pen-shaped instrument with a circular rubber piece will give an all-new experience to your partner to use his smartphone or tablet.

Health bands

If your partner is a fitness enthusiast (and even if he is not), nothing could be a better gift than this wearable. The device will help your partner to keep a track on his day to day activities, exercise, sleep time and maintain the right weight.


If reading books on the go is one of your partner’s hobbies, then you should surprise him with kindle. The device has a number of ebooks in different languages.


Music helps relax a person after a day-long work. What can be best than a wireless earpods for your partner this Valentine’s Day? The device will help him listen to music on the go.

Instant camera

While they may not be a competition to DSLRs, instant cameras are a huge hit. Well, because they give you the photo instantly! The retro vibe of instant cameras further add to the classic appeal of the gadget.


One thing you can never go wrong with is a classic watch, if your partner likes to wear one.